Ban vitamin B6-Big Pharma asks FDA

Big Pharma vs. Natural Supplement Industry the battle rages on
Medicure Pharma, Inc. is asked the FDA to ban the sale of Vitamin B6!

“Vitamin B6 is found naturally in many vegetables, nuts and whole grains. Its natural form is called pyridoxal 5′-phosphate or P5P for short. It’s an essential nutrient for expectant mothers, growing children and anyone who wishes to be healthy. It’s absolutely crucial for healthy blood cell function, and it’s used in over 100 enzymatic reactions involving protein metabolism.

Screwy logic, biopiracy and Big Pharma scams
So what’s the logic behind banning Vitamin B6? It’s simple: Medicare Pharma wants the FDA to declare Vitamin B6 to be “adulterated” because it contains a drug. Which drug does it contain? Well, MC-1, of course!

Do you see the circular reasoning here? Vitamin B6 is a naturally occurring vitamin, but if a drug company gets FDA approval on Vitamin B6 (with a different name), then that very same drug company can petition the FDA to ban Vitamin B6, claiming it contains their drug!

I know this sounds incredibly stupid. And it is. But it isn’t unprecedented. In fact, the very same thing happened with red yeast rice.

A few years ago, drug companies discovered that red yeast rice (a natural supplement) contained powerful, natural compounds that balance cholesterol levels. These compounds are called lovastatins.

Drug companies ripped off the lovastatin molecules from red yeast rice, and then patented them. Once they achieved FDA approval for their “statin drugs,” it was easy to file a petition requesting the outlawing of red yeast rice, claiming the supplement was “adulterated” with drugs! Which drugs? Statin drugs, of course — the very same drugs that were isolated from red yeast rice in the first place!

This is why the FDA has been on a terror campaign to outlaw red yeast rice supplements. They’ve sent warning letters to online retailers and threatened numerous companies with legal action. The point of all this is to eliminate red yeast rice from the marketplace because it competes with statin drugs. And it’s the exact same strategy now being following by Medicure Pharma in its attempt to get the FDA to ban Vitamin B6.

Was it a move out of financial desperation?
Medicure Pharma, by the way, is losing its shirt. It recently received notice from the American Stock Exchange that it would be “delisted” because it no longer meets the minimum requirement for shareholder equity vs. ongoing fiscal losses. In other words, the company is losing too much money and has too little shareholder equity to even stay listed in the American Stock Exchange.

Making money in the pharmaceutical industry, you see, is not about helping people in any real way; it’s about limiting their options, controlling the marketplace, and forcing people to buy products from you at monopoly prices.

Even more remarkably, the FTC, which claims to protect fair market practices in the United States, has utterly ignored the monopoly practices of Big Pharma. Yes, the same government office that went after Microsoft for creating a “monopoly” user interface in Windows seems to have no interest whatsoever in going after drug companies engaged in widespread, fraudulent monopoly marketing practices that are bankrupting the entire nation! (How’s that for selective enforcement of trade practices?)

We must either stop the FDA, or lose all access to herbs and supplements
Do you see where all this is ultimately headed? If the FDA is allowed to keep banning nutritional supplements while promoting the very same drugs synthesized from those natural sources, it could allow Big Pharma to commit widespread biopiracy, stealing all the good medicine from nature, claiming patent protection on the useful molecules, and getting the FDA to outlaw virtually all the natural substances from which those medicines were first derived.

It is a system that offers no cures, no education about real health solutions.
It is time for radical — revolutionary, in fact! — changes to our system of medicine, and I believe that begins by ending all patent protection for medicines, genes and seeds. These things belong to ALL the People, not just the rich, white fat cats who take home $300 million annual salaries by fraudulently selling dangerous prescription medications to people who are only harmed by them.”

Excerpts from Health Freedom Warning: Drug Company Seeks to Outlaw Vitamin B6 to Protect Pharma Profits
By Mike Adams Wednesday, June 25, 2008


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